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Social Bookmarking sites provide a means for Internet users with numerous Social Media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, etc. to see all of their Social Media accounts in one place.  Additionally, many of these Social Bookmarking sites help users to save links to all of their favorite websites in one place so that they can be accessed on any computer, with any Internet Browser.  These sites also allow users to share their favorites or Social Media posts with others.

Of the many Social Bookmarking sites that are quickly emerging, Delicious is currently the most well know.  Delicious, like most, if not all, of these sites is free to Internet users.  Learn more about Delicious at:

To help newcomers, Delicious provides an option to import bookmarks from various web browsers to its site so that new users can quickly get started building their Delicious accounts. Delicious also allows users to group links with similar topics together to form "Stacks", and include title and descriptions for each Stack page.   Stacks can be developed collaboratively with other users, and can be followed and shared with others.

Stacks can be identified by categories such as Small Business, Education, etc. on users homepages.  Delicious users have a "hotlist" on their homepages, as well as "popular" and "recent" pages.

Other popular Social Bookmarking sites include:

Digg -
Diigo -
Pinboard -

Ten Mile Run does not endorse or recommend any specific Social Bookmarking site.  We recommend that you select the site that is best for you or your company.

Favorite Websites Only

If you are not interested in aggregating your Social Media sites, but like the idea of having access to your favorite websites on any computer or any browser, there are web platforms that help users save their website favorites, also.  One of these is “Internet Favorites”, which describes itself as “Simply Bookmarks, Not a Social Bookmarking Service”, link:

If you would like assistance setting up a Social Bookmarking site like Delicious or any Social Media site like Facebook, please contact us at